My Digital Workflow

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By far the most important part of my or any workflow is what happens before you get to your computer. If you eliminate the photographic errors and sins when you are taking the photo you won’t have to correct them later in your computer. (Now, if you don’t mind, take a moment and reread that last sentence. It is by far the most important part of the digital photography processes.) Optimizing capture will make your editing much easier and faster and your processing much, much more efficient and simpler.

Maine in December

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Maine in December

We went to a couple lighthouses and harbors on the near coast and while the photos weren’t what we wanted they were still the best shots either one of us have of the lighthouses.

just a little note

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I have added two new paragraphs to the bottom of the Portraits post above to provide details on the technical side of portrait photography.

The Secrets to taking Magnificent Portraits

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The Secrets to taking Magnificent Portraits

I have been thinking about the portraits I have photographed lately…portraits of people that is. inally it dawned on me that the lens and light and technical aspects of my portrait photography weren’t nearly as important as the approach I took. And I mean that quite literally. My approach- how I presented myself and how I came up to the person (the angle I took)- in large part determined how successful I would be taking the pictures.