New England Fall Color update

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I have been asked a lot lately about the potential for fall color this year. My answer is the same for everyone- I don’t know! In fact, no one knows for sure no matter how definitive he or she might sound. Here is what I know and can see- We had a bit of a […]

Makes you Think

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This post is going to a bit out of the ordinary, even for me. I want you to go to a very short video at this web address- It is ingenious and simple and so very effective. It doesn’t take much to have a big impact in this world- just the intention to try. That, […]

Polarizer for Fall Colors

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Polarizer for Fall Colors

Tis that time of the year again, a favorite time of year for all photographers, when the forests across the country conspire to put on a fireworks show of colors. From red and yellow vine maples of the far west to the gold and orange aspens in the Rockies to the red, yellow, orange, amber, […]

Gotta Read This

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It is not very often that I find something so compelling, so beautifully written that I feel it necessary to share on my blog. Brenda Berry just posted a wonderful article about a encounter she had with a little girl while photographing in Tanzania Here is the link: This is a great example of […]


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I’m back on one of my favorite topics- foreground. But this time I’m not going to write so much about the value of foreground ( adds drama, impact, balance to your photography) but more on getting close and really emphasizing the foreground. This is one of the most common mistakes that I notice in landscape […]

Story and Advice- No Charge

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Ok, ok, ok- one funny heart attack story but that’s it! 7am and I am in the cardiac operating room in Corvallis, Oregon, lying on my back, the cardiac surgeon standing at my side looking at various monitors. I think he may be trying to get a clear picture on ESPN but I can’t be […]

Vermont Update

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Vermont Update

I have been getting a lot of questions about how Vermont is going to be this fall. People are contacting me asking what effect tropical storm Irene will have on the October photography season. My answer is: none, the storm will have no lasting effect what so ever. The odd thing about Irene was that […]

So I’ve been thinking…

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So I’ve been thinking…

So I’ve been thinking, which usually means that I have been thinking odd thoughts. I’ve been thinking about the role collaborators have played in my career and how I have greatly benefited from them. Over the last 25 plus years I have collaborated on major projects with John Shaw, Wayne Lynch, Bill Fortney, Bruce Morrison, […]