Maine Pics

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Maine Pics

I have just gotten back from two weeks in Acadia National Park doing two workshops and in a matter of hours I will be on my way to New Zealand for a little Rand R. In the mean time I thought I would share with you a few of my last images that I am […]

Editing your images

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I am just finishing my third workshop in a row- one in Vermont and two in Acadia National Park in Maine- and I have noticed several recurring themes among my students. The big one is that nobody seems to ever throw any of their images away! Even ones that are obviously flawed or downright bad […]


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Most of the time when I am out taking pictures I am shooting a single frame at a time. This is because I am taking my time, waiting for just the right moment where the wind, and light and subject all conspire to give me the best that I can get. But there are times […]

Fall Color Update

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So what is the status of the New England Fall color? Hard to say. Last week there were a couple of days when I thought the season would pass before it even started but now with a week of warm wet weather the color progression seems to have stalled. I now think that the season […]