This is why we wait

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This pair of photos was taken about 10 minutes apart while I waited for something to happen at Wonder Lake in Denali National Park. Unfortunately, not everyone waited until the last possible moment. They was a non existent sunset and figured nothing was going to happen. Oops! So here is the rule for the new […]

Old Friends

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So here is the result of all that scanning that was done by the Scan Cafe- I found many of my old friends! Images that I hadn’t seen in many years that used to be my favorites and that had been hidden in the dark alleys of past technologies were suddenly in my computer, up […]

Workshop Schedule

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David Middleton’s 2012 Photography Workshop Schedule   Available Light Travel Photography March 28th – April 1st Santa Fe, New Mexico Santa Fe Workshops: This is a practical workshop on how to take beautiful travel photographs without all the annoyance of strobes and cords and battery packs. Based on the techniques I have used during […]

Scanning Images

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I wanted to report on my experience of sending slides off to a remote company to have them scanned. I have 100,000 slides in my office and since I haven’t used them or even looked at them in several years I decided it was time to either get rid of them all (more on that […]