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I am not much of a filter guy- I rely on great subjects in great light. I really try not to create something that isn’t there by using filters, both in my camera and in my computer. It always looks contrived and certainly unnatural. For those of you who are convinced you can create a […]


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I was recently interviewed by a local accomplished photographer, Chris Mazzarella. He has a very nice website that is forestcentric: http://forestforward.com/2012/03/13/an-interview-with-david-middleton-2/ Take a look around on the website and read my short interview- there are pearls  to be found, not big ones but some nice small ones. Next month Chris is interview a very well known […]

Short and Sweet

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I am going to keep this short and sweet (unlike my recent posts): Here are the things you must do when you are out taking pictures. No arguing, no excuses, no being lazy. Just sit there and listen and then go out and do it. 1. Check your histogram for every shot you take. This […]