Common Mistakes Photographers Make

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Common Mistakes Photographers Make

Photographers… 1. Include too much in picture Photographers are to prone add compositional elements to their initial creative vision- more foreground, the trees over there, the sky, that barn, the tree tops- but it is invariably a bad choice to make. The strongest photos are ones that can be described by a phrase; these are […]

Travel (hand held) Composition

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Travel (hand held) Composition

In my previous post I wrote all about the technical side of travel (hand-held) photography- low light, high ISO, more open f-stops, faster shutter speeds, smaller depth of field, etc. All good stuff and important to understand and use next time you are out hand holding your camera. For this post I wanted to tell […]

Travel Photography

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I just finished teaching a travel photography workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the Santa Fe workshops. It was a good class, with great participants, perfect weather and lots and lots of things to photograph in and around Santa Fe. I do love that town; it is very art- and food- centric, its got […]

Setting Up Your Camera

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It is workshop season once again for me and I am starting to notice some commonalities amongst my students. In every workshop I have done lately I have found that at least half of the cameras I get my hands on are set up less than optimally. By ‘set up’ I mean that the options […]