Stained Glass

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As I was wandering around Notre Dame I became captivated by the beautiful stained glass windows. Here are a few that I took. don’t look at the photography, look at the stained glass! Look at the intricacy and the colorfulness and think of the time it took to create these master pieces. It would be […]

Notre Dame Cathedral

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Went to see Notre Dame this morning and spent a hour wandering around inside awe struck by its immensity and beauty as well as the  hard work over many generations it took to build it. My pictures aren’t ground breaking but they are new for me so that is good enough. All hand held, high […]

Live From Paris!

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The Withering Look Chronicles  (or how my days are going in Paris) Instance 1. On the predawn trip in from De Gaulle airport amid a lovesick chorus of “Look France!” and “Ah, Paris” of francophillia I ask the driver “Where’s this tower thing I’ve heard so much about?” Instance 2. In a cheese shop picking […]

Two Pictures

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Two handheld pictures from Acadia National Park last week. Snap shots really, taken to help my workshop participants with a few compositions, but nice. Here is how I did it. Bass Harbor in the fog ISO 2000 (on my Nikon D4 I can shoot publishable shots up to ISO 6400 ) to get a high […]

Things Learned

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Things Learned

Three consecutive workshops forces lots of insight into my small but perfectly formed brain. Lots. Let me share… Histograms are not inconvenient, they are necessary. A histogram will tell you exactly what your exposure is going to be, exactly what it is. No interpretation, no guessing, just the facts. Take your picture, check the histogram, […]

I’m Back!!!

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I’m Back!!!

Yes it has been a long time since my last post but I haven’t been idle. I just completed three workshops with 40 total participants over the last 3 weeks- two in Vermont and one in Acadia National Park on the coast of Maine. Now I’m back and ready to deluge you continued sense and […]