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Tis the season when our thoughts turn indoors and sugar plum fairies dance merrily on our photoshop keyboards. We really can’t be blamed. It’s cold outside! For the northern half of the country going outside during the pretty light of dawn and dusk means braving finger-freezing temperatures and turning our toasty tootsies to ice. For […]

Inside a Church?

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I know, it’s not my normal habitat nor is it my normal place for photography but sometimes you just gotta let all your rules go and and go have some fun. These are from inside St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. St. Peter’s is the biggest church in the world…by a huge amount…and it is […]

Arthur Cooper

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His name was Arthur Cooper, although it seemed most people in the bar called him simply Cooper.  He was an older gentleman, in his 90’s I figured, dressed as a solid New Englander- a checked, button down, LL Bean shirt with a beige cardigan and worn brown slacks- neat but nothing fancy.  You would call […]

More from Venice

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It was a dull and dreary rainy day here for most of the day. when the rain finally stopped it was simply dull and dreary. but I am in Venice so I went out and took some shots and then played with the windows of Venice. Nothing original about any of this but it occupied […]

On a Walk in Venice

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I’m in Venice now. The train arrived last night, got to my hotel room at 9:30, in bed by 10pm. Sunrise is at 7am so at 7:15 I was out wandering the streets of Venice. I didn’t go out earlier because the streets were too murky and since I didn’t have any twilight intentions and […]

Fun in Venice

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Okay so these aren’t my standard shots but what the heck- when in Venice by whacky! I processed these by what I call my Slider Slapping technique- In Lightroom slapping the vibrance and saturation slider as far to the right as they could go. No thought, just fun. The more color in your picture the […]


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Many times it is the little things that make a big difference in your photography. And lots of times we don’t even notice these little things despite their importance. When photographing people or animal portraits gesture is a very compositional element of your image. Gesture is the position of your subjects arms or legs, the […]