End of Year Image

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End of Year Image

May all your trails be artistically curved, your shadows long and may the sun shine ever softly over your shoulder.

The Early Signs of Genius

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Tis the season to look back and cringe and wince and groan at all the excesses and travails that we each have suffered this past year. Those added pounds, those accumulating images we haven’t deleted, the pictures we didn’t get, the horrible ones we did. So much for which to be thankful! For me, tis […]

A Holiday Assignment

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My sister is doing a self published engagement calendar combining some of her minister’s prayers and some of my photos. I am glad to support her in this and she is free to plunder my pile of images for the few that match the imagery of her chosen prayers. There is very little I actually […]

The Not So Obvious Composition

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Most of the time composition is a pretty simple thing- it is a matter one short question and a few more easy rules (firm suggestions). The question is “what specifically do I like about what  I am seeing” and the rules are 1. Answer the question with a phrase (no using the word ‘and’), keep […]

And While We Are At It

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I had a nice surprise yesterday, one that many photographers get prickly over but that I find to be complimentary. A friend, Tracy, showed me a painting she had done of one of my pictures. Tracy is new to painting, been at it only for a few months and she was looking for some subjects […]

Fast Track Light

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When I was out in Death Valley National Park I spent some time before the workshop started out in the Mesquite Dunes at dawn. By the way, dawn is the best time to photograph dunes because you have the potential for wind to erase any footprints during the night before. Out in the dunes it […]

Mother Nature’s Closet

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This is why I love living in New England- there is an ever-changing palette of colors. Over the last 60 days here in Vermont the landscape has gone form intensely green to vividly yellow and orange to warmly brown and gray to now all white with the first snow of the year. I am not […]

(once again) A New Camera!

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Yes, I have done it again, I have bought a new camera in my everlasting quest for the perfect little camera. this time I think I have found the best little Nikon camera for serious photographers- the p7800. The 7800 is a brand new camera that Nikon brought out about 6 weeks ago. I have […]

Composition by Abe

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Composition by Abe

Abe is my 11 year old black lab and he is my best buddy. He has been around my photography from day one and he knows what is a good shot and what is a great shot. A couple of weeks ago I was photographing my little pond playing with the reflection and Abe decided […]


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I love dunes!! No, really. I really, really love dunes!! there is so much to photograph- the abstract ripples, the incredible leading lines, the ever changing light, the fascinating little details- beetle tracks, dead wood, blowing sand- and the sensuous forms- the dips, hollows, curves, bulges- WOW! It would be fun to do just a […]