A bit out of the ordinary!!

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So I was wandering around on the docks of a small working harbor out here in Tofino, British Columbia and this floated by- it is an gasoline slick on the water. Being the whimsical guy that I am I took a picture, 8 pictures actually and then cranked up the saturation on my computer. Remember, […]

Pics from new camera

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I have been out shooting with my new little camera, the NIkon 1 J3) and so far I like it! There are a few oddities- no histogram, ISO is buried in the menu, finding a 40.5mm circular polarizer, finding a case that will work- and a few things I need to get used to- no […]

Come on, People!!!

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How long were all of you, my gentle readers, going to remain silent about my nonsense about showing you pictures from my phone? A phone!! A phone is not a camera!!! Yes a phone can take a picture but that is not the definition of a camera to me. A phone is as much of […]

Living Water

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Living Water

A week ago, in between two of my trips I had a chance to actually go out and take some pictures.  Didn’t have any purpose in mind other than to be out photographing- the just for fun kind of photography that we all used to do all the time before assignments and contests and projects […]

More Aquarium Photos

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More Aquarium Photos

Yes I am still here- sorry for my absence. While I haven’t been doing very much serious photography lately, very much of anything actually, I did visit the Monterey Aquarium last week for nothing more than fun. I love aquariums- I consider them houses of wonder and keepers of magic for the other-worldliness of what […]