Two New Projects

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I have been projectless for long enough now so I have decided to start three new ones to keep me occupied until the big one comes along. The first one is called ‘Stuff’ and I will be photographing great piles and aggregations of, well, stuff. Not junk piles but things, lots of different things in […]

The Pleasing Palette

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The Pleasing Palette

  One of the often overlooked but never not noticed (how’s that for confusing?) aspects of photography is the color palette of your image. The palette is the totality of the colors displayed in your image and it is something that influences the impression of every image we take. We just don’t often consciously pay […]

What I learned in Brazil

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The Top Ten things I learned in Brazil: 10- You can tell who the tourists are by counting the number of pockets on their pants. More than four pockets they are likely to be from out of the country. More than six, they are likely to be Americans. YOu can tell who the birders are […]

Here in Brazil!

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Greetings from the Pantanal of Brazil!! The Pantanal is one of the world’s largest seasonally flooded wetlands considerably bigger than Florida’s everglades. This is the dry season in this part of the Pantanal so the landscape is very dry and dusty and ragged looking. Scrubby fields and thick tangled woods are the main features here […]


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So here is the most difficult thing about mastering a subject- it is very hard to know what you don’t know. This makes it particularly hard to learn more and gain mastery. Without the realization that you need to learn more you won’t have the motivation to do so and you’ll end up really not […]


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I’m off to Brazil for two weeks! Please try to hold yourself together while I’m gone. This is going to be a birding trip so I won’t be doing any serious photography (at least not much!). I am bringing my little Nikon J3 along and two lenses- the 18-35 and 27-270 (in 35mm equivalency). I’m […]