Feebe and Daniel

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This is Feebe.  She is 17 and she lives outside of Gulu in northern Uganda. I met Feebe when I found her waist deep in a muddy backwater trying to catch fish with a woven wooden basket. Working along the steep banks and under the overhanging vegetation Feebe waded barefoot through the brown water sluicing […]

What we did in Uganda

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So what did we actually do in Uganda? How did we actually go about getting the images we did? I am asking this more for my own benefit, part of my decompression process, but I thought you, my odd reader, might want to know as well. I know my mom would like to know what […]

Photographing Uganda- what did and didn’t work

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So how did the photography go in Uganda? I know you have been dying to ask, so here is what I did and what I would do differently. I used two cameras- My big Nikon D4 with my favorite 24-120mm lens and my new little Nikon P7800. The D4 stayed around my neck with accessories- […]

The environment, poverty and human trafficking.

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For the past 25 years northern Uganda has been under siege- not from invading armies as might be expected but from within fueled by a ruinous cycle of environmental degradation and crushing poverty. Stemming from the economic and cultural disparities between the prosperous and economically diverse south and the struggling and economically poor north, Uganda’s […]

From Uganda!

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I’m writing to you from the little porch of the quaint little Gately Inn in Entebbe, Uganda. The trip is now over, I am just waiting for my plane to leave late tonight. After not having wifi for 10 days I can finally give you news. This initial report will be brief but I promise […]

Day 1, Africa

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Day 1 here and I can’t say that I have gotten much done. We are outside Nairobi now, leave for Uganda on Thursday, and we have spent the day in unsuccessful attempts to interview various authorities who have experience or influence with human trafficking. Not one worked out but we did spend a lot of […]