Spring Photo To-do List

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Spring Photo To-do List

It’s mid-February, the worst of the winter photo-doldrums and time seems to have stopped advancing as we wait for the photo opportunities of Spring. What is a photographer to do? Here’s your To-do list: 1- Go visit your favorite Spring photo locations and scout them for any changes. Has the access changed? Has there been […]

Super Wildflower bloom

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Just in case you haven’t heard there is a ‘super-bloom’ for wildflowers going on right now out in our western deserts. It is due to heavy El Nino rains this last fall and the reports I have seen are that there are flowers in places that haven’t seen flowers in a decade. Death Valley National Park […]

Time, Space and Waves

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A) Is it only me or have you noticed that there are a lot of drivers out there who have taken a fancy to backing into parking spaces? What’s with that? It is hard enough for most people to go forward and get between the yellow lines but backing in? It doesn’t take Einstein to figure […]


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It has been suddenly so cold here for the past three days that all the moisture that was in the ground from our unusually warm winter has turned into beautiful frost patterns where ever there is the smallest bit of water. I went out for a walk and found a small puddle near a spring […]

Trying Again

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Trying Again

One more time I ventured out into the cold to try to improve upon my last image with the contrasty light. I was really going out just for a scouting trip but once I got there I pulled out my phone and took some pics just for fun. I went back when it was -18 […]

Looking for winter

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Looking for winter

It’s been a very unusual winter here in Vermont. Despite what you may have heard or surmised northern New England has not been visited by winter this year. The big snow storm that hit Washington DC and New York City delivered not a flake here (we have plenty of our own) and the last one […]

Back when I was a kid…

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I walked into a Bed, Bath & Beyond yesterday and saw a curious display of colorful plastic items that looked like those protective plastic cases that some eggs come in but on a much larger scale. Each one had two hinged sides of six round indents the size of half a baseball that could close creating a six-pack of […]

The New 50!

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Strap in and buckle up, it’s going to get bumpy! For the last few years it has become popular to say when someone is celebrating a significant birthday that “50 is the new 40” or “60 is the new 50.” Have  you ever noticed who was saying this nonsense? It is not 60 or 70 […]