Well, it has been a black and white world around here in Vermont of late. We got a big winter storm on Tuesday that dumped a foot of snow then an inch of rain and them more snow overburdening trees, breaking power lines and making any kind of travel very difficult. I have been out of power now for three days (no worries, I have a generator for the essentials) so I live in a mostly black world when I am inside and a mostly white world when I am out.

To amuse myself I went for a short snowshoe yesterday up in the woods and through the meadows- brought my camera along reminding myself that I am, after all, a photographer. It was a black (tree trunks and branches) and white (everything else) world I trudged through so I rendered the images into black and whites to share with you. Not much rendering actually- the pics were already pretty much entirely black and white. All shot with matrix metering, aperture priority, ISO 2000 with the Nikon D750 and the 24mm – 120mm lens.