_DSC8695Indulge me just one more time for a few more favs from my trip to Tanzania. This is an odd grouping of images but I do like them. Some a pretty traditional but a few are unlike what I normally shoot.

The elephant above is quite a departure for me. All my past workshop participants should be hollering bloody murder right now about the blank white corner- a huge compositional no no usually. I don’t know why but in this one instance I like the white corner. Who knew?


_DSC3480Here are two animals in trees- the leopard spends all day lolling in the shaded branches of acacia trees and the tree hyrax (see the little head?) uses trees for shelter. I love the animal within the scene nature of the hyrax shot and the intense stare of the leopard.





And finally, the not so intense stare of a lioness resting in the morning after a big night out. The eye level viewing is not because I got out of the vehicle and lay on the ground but because she was up on a termite mound right at window level. Enjoy!