Vermont has been in the news lately. Yes it was wet here last weekend. Here in Danby we got about 7″ of rain. Yes, there are many roads and bridges that were washed out and yes travel is a bit inconvenient but this is Vermont and we don’t let any stinking rainy day dampen our spirits! Just another reason to get out the tractor or excavator or shovel and get some work done…no big deal.

That being said, for all of you who are thinking about coming up to Vermont to photograph the fall colors, this storm will have no effect on your success. And for all of you especially prescient photographers who have signed up for my workshop the storm will have no effect on the workshop. All my sites are good to go and the farm and my fields are in fine shape. In fact, it may keep part of the annoying common and vulgar horde away if the memory lingers.

I’ll throw in a favorite fall color shot just to tweak your interest. Enjoy!

Fall morning on Bromley farm