I am just about fed up with the out of control egos so common with bird photographers. So here are some new rules:

If you have to announce that you are the best bird photographer- you aren’t, you are a jerk.

If you tell everyone how much money you made  on a shot, you didn’t and you are a jerk.

If you step in front of other photographers because you are more important, you are not and you are a jerk.

If you brag to everyone where a photo is about to be published, it isn’t,  it won’t be and you are a jerk.

If you have to tell everyone who you are so they understand how famous you are, you’re not and you are a jerk.

And finally, if you think you’re not a jerk but you act, look and  sound like one, we all think you are.

In other words, don’t be a jerk. Remember, if you have to blow your own horn it ain’t worth blowing. Period!

Broad-tailed Hummingbird- Jeff Wendorff

Do you want to know who I think is a great bird photographer? Glad you asked! Take a look at some of these photos by my good friend and fellow workshop teacher, Jeff Wendorff.

Painting bunting- Jeff Wendorff

Notice the tight compositions, the beautiful natural light (no flash here!), the magnificent background, the perfect poses, thecompelling perspectives. This is how I think birds should be photographed- straight up, no nonsense, little processing, beautifully, simply.

Go to Jeff’s website to see more of his spectacular photography- www.jeffwendorff.com. He does mammals as well.

So why did I bring up Jeff here and Brenda in my last post and Lisa before that? Because I know that there are photographers out there that photograph some things far better than I do and if I want to get better I should pay attention when they are taking pictures. I can’t always do as well as they are doing (okay, I have never done as well as they do) but I can still try. That’s how I get better. Imitation and persistence are  great ways to learn.

And if I get frustrated (okay, I get frustrated all the time), I just remind each one of them that I am the best! That always seem to make me feel better.

Merganser- Jeff Wendorff