backlit cow scene

I had a nice surprise yesterday, one that many photographers get prickly over but that I find to be complimentary. A friend, Tracy, showed me a painting she had done of one of my pictures. Tracy is new to painting, been at it only for a few months and she was looking for some subjects for her canvas. She asked me this summer if I would mind her doing some painting of my photographs and I said of course not, please help yourself.

Now to many photographers allowing someone to do a painting of one of your images is wrong unless you get some compensation from the painter. They consider it to be a copyright violation and therefore heinous in nature and vile in thought. This is what I have to say about that: Really? Get over yourselves! Sure by the strictest letter of the law it is a copyright violation if the painter doesn’t ask but really, who cares? How does a painter in any way infringe on the photographer? What, the painter stole your composition? Grow up! Unless the photographer was also planning to do a painting of the same photograph I don’t see any impact at all on the photographer.

Copyright is designed to protect the creator of the object from any unfair use or reproduction by others. In this case from what am I being protected? And this applies to any painter, weaver, potter, etc. of any stature who wants to do a painting of one of my photographs- go right ahead with all my blessings.  And I don’t care how much is being charged. Their work in no way effects my ability to earn money or to continue being a professional photographer.

So stop being so self-important and take it as a compliment that another creative soul liked your effort and wants to use it for their creative effort. Its a compliment! C’mon Man!!!