I’ve been down at Bob Krist’s doing a short workshop on video. this is my unfinished work on a stream near my house. Enjoy!


Okay, here is the full story: I did a four day private workshop with Bob Krist last week. He is a great friend and is equally curmudgeonly as I am (hard to believe!). The clips for this video I had shot a couple of weeks ago and I brought them down to Bob to have some material to work on. this is what I learned- I didn’t shoot nearly enough clips! This is why the music doesn’t finish and some of the shots don’t quite work (I know, I am hyper critical of my own work). I need more detail images and a few more overall shots. Also I will now add some clips with some camera movement making the photography less tedious. But given what I had this brief video is a nice start. I plan to go out and shoot some more of Big Branch and then add the new to the old and rework the piece. I might even go out today if the weather cooperates.