I can’t say that people are clamoring for more videos, in fact I can’t say that they have even been noticed by very many people but I can say that I’m going to give you more. Why, might you ask, am I venturing into video when I have finally gotten some mastery of photography? First I haven’t given up photography- and I never will. Second, video is just another way to tell a story and as all those poor suffering souls who have taken a workshops with me know, I am first and foremost a teller of stories. With still photography, video and writing I feel I am just now getting the skills needed to tell a rich, compelling story.

With anything new though my learning curve is steep and my ability to not show you my incremental progress limited. I will say that the quality of my video equipment far exceeds the skill that I have with video. I am hoping that it doesn’t exceed my talent but that remains to be seen. I will keep sharing my steps along the video learning curve and include the lessons I have learned.

The video I include here is a short silly piece that I did with my friend Brenda Berry in Bob Krist’s kitchen. We were trying to learn the conceptualization of shooting video- what shots we needed and how to shoot them. Brenda did most of the photography, I played the breakfast chump. Bob’s refrigerator played Bob’s refrigerator (there’s very little range to a refrigerator). I will announce the opening date this will play at Sundance next year in a later post. Enjoy!