Hello Everyone!

Well, it has been a long time since our last chat but now I am back and ready to go. Where was I for the last 3 weeks? I was on a PAW photography tour to Bhutan and it was great! We toured all across this beautiful, mountainous country, spending most of our time out in the country off the typical tourist route. We never knew exactly what we were going to see or even do each day but we found amazing things everyday and our cameras were smokin!

I will post a number of images and stories here drawn from Bhutan so look forward in the coming days for lots of new posts.  For now, I will include two of my favorite images: Prayer flag forest & Window portrait

In Bhutan as across all of the Himalayan region, prayer flags are placed in windy places such as on bridges, poles or mountain passes so that the wind may blow the inscribed prayers and blessings to all parts. This 11,000 ft. pass was thick with flags creating a magical, in motion forest of vibrating color.


There is no better light for portraits than window light. _dsc20921This image reminds me of the scene in the movie, The Sound of Music, where the Mother Superior is singing “Climb Every Mountain.” Okay, a bit of an obscure reference but I am sticking with it. It was a beautiful situation and the kind woman was a wonderful, dear soul.

Stay tuned for more!!