Up here on the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia mid way through a photo workshop. So far the weather has cooperated and the locations have all been productive. We have photographed beautiful tide pools full of bright green anemones and purple and orange seastars, twice shot in magnificent old-growth forests and we have even had two reasonably good sunsets!


The highlight of the workshop so far though has got to be the bear photography we did yesterday- We photographed 10 bears including a mom with two very young cubs and all were well within 300mm lens range. The highlight of the trip was when the mother bear climbed a tree to check on her cubs and then just sat there like a big old crow. It’s not every day you see an adult black bear sitting 40 feet up in a cedar tree!



We do the bears again tomorrow morning…can’t wait! The only problem I have is that my participants all expect 10 bears now including a mom and two cubs up a tree!  I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to happen but I know something else wonderful will.