Abe is my 11 year old black lab and he is my best buddy. He has been around my photography from day one and he knows what is a good shot and what is a great shot. A couple of weeks ago I was photographing my little pond playing with the reflection and Abe decided that he could help me with the composition. He has done this in the past- wagging his tail against a flower or milkweed pod he rightly deemed unworthy, walking through a landscape  he thought dull, barking to keep exploring when he though the possibilities stunk and dropping a stick in my foreground when he thought I should move in closer. Everyone needs an editor!

This time he thought that my fall reflection image could use a little more interest visually. So he jumped into the water and swam around until the ripples he made invaded my shot making my ordinary composition quite extraordinary. Thank you Abe! (Click on the picture to make it bigger to fully appreciate Abe’s pawdiwork)

(He now thinks that grungy old tennis balls are worthy of my photographic attention. I probably shouldn’t argue.)