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Ten reasons to go to the Crossroads Photography Workshops Santa Fe Workshop-

7. Raptors, Raptors, Raptors.Did I mention raptors? How often do you get the chance to help save the life of a raptor? How about an entire non-profit organization devoted to saving the lives of sick, injured and abandoned birds of prey? The Santa Fe Raptor Centerneeds your help to draw attention to the amazing and difficult work they are doing. Photographing birds of prey and helping- does it get any better than that?

3. The Nature Conservancy.You might not know it, but the New Mexico Chapter of the Nature Conservancyis welcoming you to photograph for them! They are actually encouraging it! You can wander among the cottonwoods and beaver ponds of the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve following your instincts and your shot list. You can help to highlight the important work they are doing to protect the remaining wild and open spaces of the Santa Fe Basin area.  At the end of the week, you will be donating images that will help this amazing organization. Yes, you!

2. The Dynamic Duo.If you’ve ever taken a workshop with Brenda Berryand David Middleton before, you know you’re in for a treat. Or several treats, provided they are all chocolate. Brenda and David bring years of experience as professional photographers, mentors, and all-around great instructors. They will help you with everything you need to know to get great shots.


9. Spring Break with Benefits.Spending hours on a white sand beach sure sounds nice, but who really wants to put on a bathing suit after the holidays? We won’t make you wear one  (unless you want to of course). What we will do is challenge you to stretch your artistic muscles and learn new ways to photograph. All we ask in return is that you bring your enthusiasm and enjoy the warm feeling that comes with helping a worthy cause.

4. Creative energy. If you’ve ever worked closely with a group of people who share your passion for photography, you know it’s a great way to fire up your creative energy. Now add the shared commitment of using your creativity to help a worthy cause, and you’ll begin to feel the excitement and satisfaction that comes from shooting with a purpose. Photographing on location with our non-profit partners in Santa Fe is the perfect way to energize creatively and find a new depth in your photography.

8. Zero Percent Chance of Rain. Maybe you live in the Northeast, or the Northwest, or just about anywhere in between. Chances are you’re tired of looking at clouds and gray skies, done creating artsy images from monochromatic landscapes. We highly recommend a week under the blues skies of Santa Fe to lift your spirits and reawaken your visual creativity.


1. The Santa Fe Workshops Campus, your home-away-from-home.We’re guessing it’s been awhile since you hung up your Beatles poster on the wall of your dorm room. Thankfully, those days are a distant memory, but for one week you can relive the highlights on the lovely campus of the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. You’ll enjoy delicious meals, sleep nearby if you choose to, and soak up the boundless creative energy that fuels this special place. This is our base of operations for the Santa Fe Crossroads workshop and we’re betting you won’t miss the curly fries.

5. We practice crowd control. Getting lost in a crowd is never fun, especially when the crowd is a bunch of other photographers and the instructor is off capturing the best images. This won’t happen on a Crossroads Workshop. Ever. We manage our workshop enrollment to make sure you have access to an instructor at all times to help answer your questions and guide your photography.

6. It’s never too soon or too late.How long has it been since you challenged yourself to learn something new? And no, we don’t mean the news in Slow French. Sometimes it takes a gentle nudge to move in a direction you’ve always wanted to explore. Whether early or late in the game, this Santa Fe Crossroads Workshop will challenge you to take your photography to the next level, in an environment that supports and encourages your artistic development.

Golden Eagle

10.Join the C-Team!What a relief! We don’t require that you bat for the A-team or even the B-team. We want you squarely on the C-Team, the team that is created at a Crossroads workshop. Bring your camera, your enthusiasm, your willingness to learn. We’ll bring our dedication to teaching and many years of experience to help you expand your photographic talents and storytelling abilities. You’ll go home with some new-found skills, some new friends, and some great images. And you will donate some valuable work that will directly support a great cause. Hope to see you in Santa Fe!

For information go to: http://crossroadsphotographicworkshops.com