RC Crossroads VT Final Day-6RC Crossroads VT Day 1-5The Crossroads Vermont workshop is complete and what a great workshop it was!!! Any workshop is exactly as good as the people who come to learn and stretch and experience a new area and we were blessed to have a wonderful group of inquisitive and very talented photographers.

Crossroads workshops are all about learning to take photos that will help the selected non-profit organizations better achieve their mission goals. For Crossroads Vermont we worked with two non-profits- the Dorset Equine Rescue and the Vermont Land Trust. After hearing about their image needs the class worked as a team on a photo scavenger hunt looking for the wanted images. We had great success! Each of the organizations received over 100 beautiful images free of charge, no strings attached for them to use.

So here are some of my favorite images from the workshop. Crossroads will be back in Vermont next year. Come join us!