My favorite time on the water with lobstermen is the first couple of hours of the day.


Most of the time lobstermen leave the docks before sunrise so you have to get up and be ready to go by 4:30 or 5 am.  The harbors are bustling at this time of the morning with boats coming in for bait and fuel but the light is softly colorful and the water is usually quiet full of reflections.


Most lobstermen consider it a point of pride to be out of the harbor before the sun comes up.


Steaming out to the traps is when the boat is readied- bait is defrosted, coveralls put on, tools located, radio chatter monitored, the day greeted.


In the summer, by the time the sun lifts from the horizon the first traps are on board and the first lobsters are in the holding tank. _dsc0211

It is a beautiful time of the day with thoughts of traps full of lobsters and memory cards full of great images.