Day 1 here and I can’t say that I have gotten much done. We are outside Nairobi now, leave for Uganda on Thursday, and we have spent the day in unsuccessful attempts to interview various authorities who have experience or influence with human trafficking. Not one worked out but we did spend a lot of time sitting around waiting and being frustrated. But this is how things go sometimes- nobody’s fault, the timing or intentions just didn’t mesh.

The big important thing we got done today was several long conversations trying to distill the complexities of human trafficking and the mission of New Course (the sponsoring NGO) into a more simple concrete form. When things come down out of the conceptual and are simplified they are more easily captured in pictures and words. This may seem like just busy work but it is a very necessary tedium to insure the images we get and the story we tell are the right ones. These conversations will be ongoing- the more refined we can make the message the clearer the message will be,  the more compelling the story and the stronger the connections we are trying to make.

That’s it for now- time to go off and photograph some school children walking home from school.