Dawn in the Dunes

Dawn in the Dunes

There are  just a couple of places left on my Death Valley workshop I am doing with Brenda Berry November 13 – 17. It is a nice small group (all returnees!) so Brenda and I will have lots of time to spend helping people out when we are photographing and class sessions won’t be as jammed packed with things to do. But most importantly you should come to Death Valley National Park because the photography is unlike anything you have ever done before. It borders on otherworldly!

My favorite location are the dunes right in the center of the park. We don’t go to the standard place in the dunes- too many footsteps and people in the way- we go to a section where we will have the place to ourselves. there will be endless ripples and wonderful rolling dunes, add the magic of first light and the photography is spectacular. I am going to be out there the day or two ahead of class just so I can get some of my own shots. I love wondering the dunes!!

Of course there are lots of other bizarre places- Zebriski Point, Badwater, a no-name little canyon of abstract-like walls, the Lookout- each one so different and enchanting at the same time.

So get off your butt and contact Brenda (www.bberryphotography.com) and come join us in Death Valley. What else could you possibly be doing in November that is better than spending a few days on a workshop with us in Death Valley?