emerald lakeIt is about that time when we all start to think about and get excited about photographing in the fall. I, for one, can never get enough fall photography- the brilliant colors, the beautiful reflections, the tumbling streams, the red, orange and yellow mountainsides- what is not to love?

Now I might be biased but I think the best two places to photograph fall colors east of the Rockies are in the mountains of Vermont and on the coast of Maine. Both of these places have the brilliant orange leaves of sugar maples that places further south don’t have and they have uninterrupted mountainsides and loads of public access that almost no other place has. Plus if you add in the beautiful rural countryside that Vermont is famous for and the equally renowned coast and harbors of Maine there is no other comparable place to photograph fall.


I’ve been everywhere else in the fall- the Rockies have great golden aspens but there is only one color, the upper midwest have really nice colors but the landscape is wanting, the Appalachians have great landscape but the lack the diversity and intensity of color and they are swarmed by crowds and crowds of people.

You can come up here yourself and wander around and you’ll get some nice photos but if you had the experience and knowledge of a professional photographer who lives in Vermont and has been going to the Maine Coast for 3 decades chances are you would be going to better places and at the right time.

rowing lobsterman, Rockport, ME

rowing lobsterman, Rockport, ME

That’s right, you guessed it, I am talking about me. If you take my fall color workshops in Vermont and Acadia National Park in Maine I will take you to all my favorite places to photograph. I keep no locations secret and just for me. I literally wrote the books on where to photograph in Vermont and on the Maine Coast so I know about what I am talking about. Plus on a workshop you get to hear my insights on your images in our daily critiques. I mean really, why would you not come to New England in fall and why would you not let me show you around?

Contact the Santa Fe Workshops for more information and to sign up. I hope to see you here!