Fog 2

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rowing lobsterman, Rockport, ME

rowing lobsterman, Rockport, ME

Ok, I seem to be on a roll, a weather roll. Here are some of my favorite fog photos…I couldn’t resist.

I love to photograph in the fog because fog wipes out the background replacing any annoying or distracting elements with a magical soft white gauze. Photographing in fog is fabulous. And it’s fun too!

Here is a bit of how-to: put your camera on matrix or evaluative metering (the setting that reads the entire viewfinder). That’s it. No need to worry about f-stop or depth of field because there isn’t any so use any f-stop you’d like. Focus on something, whatever you can. Everything is going to be out of focus anyway – you’re shooting in the fog! When you get the image on your computer you will have to lighten it up about a stop to make it look magical and not heavy but that’s it.

How easy it that? Go find some fog!