_DSC6704Going to take another high speed turn here, folks. Hold on!

I got my little red Jeep inspected today and while I waited I grabbed my camera and poked around the old garage. This is a typical old time New England garage- opened in 1922, Model T parts lying around, a collection of very old chainsaws on the upper shelf, a metal lathe with ceiling mounted gears and belts, drawers and drawers of odd screws, brackets and fasteners and an inch of black, greasy filth on every surface.

In other words, nothing’s been changed, tossed, organized or cleaned in over 90 years!

These pictures are my preliminary scouting shots. Kinda fun to just screw around and see what happens. I processed them in Lightroom using the bleach bypass preset in the develop module. No good reason, having fun, that’s all.

The point is not that I took pictures in a garage but that there are photos everywhere. Woods, fields, ponds, streams but also farms, paint stores and old garages. All you have to do is keep your eyes open and your camera gear handy. So go out hunting, picture hunting and see what you can find.