Greetings from Uganda, the pearl of Africa!

Sorry this has taken me so long but finding a strong internet connection when traveling in wild outback of East Africa is not easy.

It has been a fantastic trip so far- I have so many stories to tell you all and new projects to explain- I’m practically bursting! First, everything is great in Uganda. There is no Ebola scare whatsoever. Our temperatures were taken by a quick scan when we entered but otherwise nothing has changed here since I was last here in March. The people are as friendly and genuine and gracious as I remember them. This is a wonderful country!

We have had so really moving experiences, life-changing for my nieces, and now that we have started the traditional photo safari part of the trip so unbelievable animal experiences as well. It is like all the luck I have had stored up has suddenly come out on this trip and blessed us. There have been sunsets- don’t go crazy on me now- but otherwise this has been an honest to goodness trip of a lifetime.

I’ll throw up some pictures I have taken for you all to see and then begin to post some stories.  Good to be back with you all!