Duck Brook is a stream that is about a mile long that drains the beaver ponds at Witch’s Hole in Acadia National Park and runs steeply down to the coast. The first 200 feet of the stream cascades down gently sloping rocks that are covered in dark moss and algae making access  to any part of the stream fairly easy.


On rainy days if you use a polarizing filter the black rocks are the perfect background for the brilliant red maple leaves that fall from the canopy above leaving the stream bed beautifully littered with thick splashes of red. The pic below shows the first 100′ of the stream.


These images were taken over two days when I had some time to really work the area. There were photographs everywhere! Rainy days are essential- it keeps all the rocks wet and saturated and eliminates any potential hotspots. Use a lens hood to protect your polarizer.


All of the photos were taken with a Nikon D750 camera and the Nikor 16-35mm lens with a tripod and a polarizing filter. Notice the low perspective to emphasize the leaves and the littleripples and falls. The exposure was about 4 seconds at f22.