Hope and Sydney 1

I just returned from a great workshop for the Rhode Island Photographic Society. We spent much of our time prowling around the beautiful coast of this little state, a coast that is more than 400 miles long! Two mornings we headed for the working harbor of Galilee and my students got some amazing shots- wonderfully bizarre and colorful abstracts mostly. They quickly realized that there was much to see and photograph in a working harbor. I expect they all will go back for more.


If you have never had a chance or a thought about wandering the docks of a working harbor with the old boats and tangles of gear I would strongly suggest that next you are close to one you stop in and go for a wander. Remember, this type of photography is play so just have have and don’t worry about too much. Just have fun and see what you might get.


The second day we went to Galilee a captain of one of the big off-shore trawlers invited us on board his boat to have a look around and take all the pictures we wanted. My students got pictures of the crew fixing nets and working on gear as well as shots of the interior of the big boat. Another example of the great things that can happen when you hang around the docks and are open to new experiences.




Hope and Sydney 3

Hope and Sydney 2