The other thing that I am often asked  is how I shoot- translation: how is camera set when I photograph?

This is how my camera is set for 99% of my photography: Matrix metering (Evaluative if you are a Canon shooter); Aperture Priority; Auto Focus. I don’t use Auto ISO because it always picks a too high number. I can figure out the proper ISO without too much effort. It’s not rocket science. On especially bright days or with especially bright subjects I will dial in -.7 or so on the auto compensation.

_DSC3269As far as technique goes, when hand holding I always shoot in short bursts, shooting 5, 6 or 8 shots on high speed motor drive for every composition I see. This just about ensures some of the images will be in focus. When I use a tripod my technique is just the opposite- I shoot slowly and deliberately and only push the shutter when I know the shot I am taking is going to be a keeper. I keep most of my tripod shots and toss a majority of my hand held shots.

Now this is not how I used to shot 20 years ago. Twenty years ago I used manual to figure out my exposures, I set my focus manually and I usually shot with spot metering. Know why? Because cameras weren’t as good back then. Cameras are spectacularly sophisticated now so as cameras have gotten better I have relied on their abilities more and more. People who shoot like they shot two decades ago are….ah, curious. I’m not so curious, I’m adaptive.

It’s good to be adaptive- it allows you to concentrate most on the art and less on the technology. And that’s a good thing.