St. Peter’s Basilica ceiling

I know, it’s not my normal habitat nor is it my normal place for photography but sometimes you just gotta let all your rules go and and go have some fun.

These are from inside St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. St. Peter’s is the biggest church in the world…by a huge amount…and it is where the Pope hangs. The Basilica is beyond (just filling in any superlative here) (and then amplify it by an even gazillion) (and then apologize because you are not even close). Realize please that this has nothing to do with religion for me but everything to do with architecture and art. And lots of WOW!!

The point of this posting though is not how amazing St. Perter’s Basilica is but rather how much fun it is to take your camera into places you never have before or might not even consider appropriate for photography. My friend Rudy takes wonderful images at dance recitals. At first he had no idea what to do taking pictures inside but he tried and fiddled and is now under hire by the facility and producing beautiful shots. You might as well try, there is nothing to lose.

Take your camera into a barn, a factory, a lighthouse, an old shed, an attic, an art studio, a silo…get the idea? Have some fun, see what you get. You may be surprised.


Inside St. Peter’s