Will you look at this! Cows that are neither black or white or black and white! They are brown!!!!! Who knew that cows came in colors? Why didn’t someone tell me?





Okay, some photography for you purists out there- 70-200mm lens shot on the longer side, high overcast for nice soft light (essential!), nice background because of the narrow view of the long lens, matrix metering, aperture priority set at f8 (not a lot of depth of field),  hand held, shutter speed 1/500th, high ISO (1600) to allow for high shutter speed, auto-focus set on center cow and rubber shoes to account for absent-minded steps. Then all you have to do is wait for as many cows to look up at the same time as is possible and shoot a short burst of 5 or 6 images. Each one will be slightly different so look carefully for just the perfect gestures and expressions. Don’t save everyone of these images- just the best one. Photographing cows is fun, huh!