I know I have said and written about this many, many times in the past but it is worth repeating. Not because you all don’t understand it but because just like me we often get distracted and conveniently forget about it. What am I talking about? Light, Baby! It’s all about light. And when you are desperate or fighting bad luck or bad weather we all tend to forget all things important. We are so happy just to be out taking pictures we tend to ignore small things like the quality of the light. We are photographing. At Last!!! Don’t bother me about the light. I’ve got pictures to take!!!

_dsc8516This is exactly what happened when Brenda and I were out photographing along the Maine coast last month. We were having no luck with the weather or the light but the subjects we found were great. This didn’t stop us from taking lots of really mediocre pictures though. We blasted away all the while trying to turn down that little voice in our heads telling us that the photography was pretty stinky.

_dsc8545And finally, late in the afternoon at the little harbor town of Corea after a day of heavy overcast and driving rain squalls the sun came out on the horizon and lit up the boats in the harbor. What a difference. We had just enough of our brains left to anticipate the breaking sun and move around to the west side of the harbor to get the best light. And those were the best outside shots we got that trip. Five days on the Maine coast and we got 5 minutes of light. Such is the Lobstering Life.