00105_s_11agqaxsjg0417I am about to do one of my favorite programs for a local photography club- The Lobstering Life. The presentation is based on the book I did of the same title but it is more of a behind the scenes look at how the book came about.

So I have started to think about it- I know, how shocking that I am thinking about a program days ahead! This is very unlike me. I am usually much better speaking extemporaneously with just a rough idea of what I am trying to say.

What I realized is that I did almost the entire Lobstering Life book with just two lenses. Two, that’s it. I used my Nikon 24-120mm for 80% of the pictures and my Nikon 16-35mm lens for all the rest. Those two lenses covered everything I needed- landscapes, portraits, close-ups, medium shots- everything.

I also realized that I did my farm book with those two lenses- 98% of the book with just those two lenses. And the book after the Lobstering Life- Maine Coast Memories was the same. Just two lenses, the same two lenses.

So if you are wondering what lenses to use or what lenses to buy, if you are wondering if either of these two lenses are good enough for you or if you might ever use them the answer is yes, yes, yes.

And if you are wondering what other lenses you need to carry with you or pack for a trip or bring along just in case the answer is none (unless you are going to shoot wildlife).

Two lenses for 95% of your photography. That’s the way I photograph. Simple is better.