This is a picture of a bateleur eagle. Most unfortunately, it is not one of mine. It was taken by my great friend, Jeff Wendorff. I think Jeff is the best bird photographer out there.batewendorff107Yes, I know there are other bird photographers better known but the only thing Jeff lacks is an ego the size of Florida and the arrogance to tell you how good he is.

So you want a picture like this? Do you want this picture? I can do that for you. It turns out that Jeff is leading a Birds of Prey photography trip for my Photographers Alliance Workshops to the World Birds of Prey Center in Boise, Idaho. PAW is the only photography group that has permission to take photographers to Center. We are getting point blank on all the best, most exotic and photogenic birds of prey of the world. Out of their cages, in natural-looking settings with perfect backgrounds-it doesn’t get any better than that!

This is an extraordinary opportunity to get stunning pictures that no one else has. And with Jeff teaching you (PAW leaders don’t photograph on workshops), making sure you are getting the best shot you can’t help to get beautiful photos. Check out the PAW to get the details on this workshop.