Yes I am still here- sorry for my absence.


While I haven’t been doing very much serious photography lately, very much of anything actually, I did visit the Monterey Aquarium last week for nothing more than fun. I love aquariums- I consider them houses of wonder and keepers of magic for the other-worldliness of what is found within. Remember, three quarters of the world is underwater, we land dwellers inhabit the minority of space, so there is much to see and much to marvel at under water.




I particularly love the soft filtered light, the bizarre forms and textures and the equally bizarre colors of the critters you see in an aquarium. The weird fish, the weirder anemones, and the weirdest I-don’t-now-what-the-heck-it-is I find wondrous and delightful to photograph. I haven’t photographed any of it very well but it sure is fun trying, and trying, and trying.






photo-4-I always seem to have only my iPhone with me when I am in an aquarium- a bit of a double edged sword. I’m glad I have something to take a picture with but the limitations of a camera phone make most photography problematic. This is especially true for close-ups, contrasty situations and any shots that require lots of depth of field. I still try them (because it’s fun) but I am usually disappointed.






photo-3-Here are my latest aquarium photography efforts.If you have an aquarium near where you live go and visit. If you happen to be traveling near one please stop in and find the wonder within. If you are stuck nowhere near an aquarium go to Atlanta or Monterey for any reason you can think of and enjoy yourself. And take your camera!photo