emerald lake

I’ll get right to the point here- follow these instructions. If you do your images will great and your self regard will be greater.

_DSC37711. If it’s a blue sky day stay out of the forest. Photograph reflections, looking up shots and big, post card views of the landscape. Harbors are great, white steeples, sailboats, back lit leaves, sunrise and sunset.

2. If it’s a cloudy day go into the forest but don’t include any of the white sky in your compositions. Don’t photograph lakes or the ocean- they turn dull gray. Waterfalls are great on cloudy days but don’t include the top of the falls- you’ll get the white sky too.

3. If it’s rainy stay in the forest- it is always drier in the forest than anywhere else outside when it is raining. Use your polarizer.

4. If it’s windy photograph things that don’t move- rocks in streams, hillsides from a distance, details- old truck grills, interiors of old buildings, piles of harbor gear, tree trunk close-ups, leaves falling (only if it is a blue sky day!).

5. If it’s mid-day photograph reflections, go for a hike or wander around and scout.

6. If it’s a partly cloudy, partly rainy, windy day at noon go home or look for migrating hawks riding the wind.