It was a dull and dreary rainy day here for most of the day. when the rain finally stopped it was simply dull and dreary. but I am in Venice so I went out and took some shots and then played with the windows of Venice. Nothing original about any of this but it occupied me and forced me to look at more of the details of the city than just the canals and gondoliers.

None of these pictures individually are very exciting but when viewed together as a kind of window mosaic I like the visual effect. I didn’t look for any particular kind of window nor did I rearrange their order. These are the 20 windows I shot in about a hour wandering the area close to St. Mark’s Square.

The reason for all the diversity in architecture in Venice is that since the Middle Ages Venice has been the main crossroads between the many cultures of the near east, mideast, Islam, Christianity and Southern, Central and parts of Northern Europe. This position allowed Venice to accumulate not only great wealth but also great power. The various window styles reflect these influences- from 500 years ago to the present. And therein lies the magic of Venice- you can step through the centuries by just turning a corner!

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