_DSC7999Here are some more images from my photo/writing investigation in New York City’s Central Park. I concentrated on the horse carriages and drivers and even went to the stables where the horses are kept. Everywhere I went all the people associated with the carriage trade were extremely welcoming and generous with their time and the horses couldn’t have been more gentle and friendly.

There has been some controversy regarding the care and use of the carriage horses in NYC of late but I have got to say that I saw nothing of the mistreatment or abuse that the extreme animal rightists have been claiming. The horses were happy by all standards, the handlers attentive, the stalls large and clean and the situation seemed to be beneficial to all involved.

I’ll probably be going back to photograph the horses and drivers again so you can expect to see more urban photography from me. I know…not what you would expect from a nature photographer but every so often it is good to shuffle the deck and see what comes up.