The larger concept with regards to fiddling around too much before taking a picture is that in the digital photography world a camera is nothing more than a device to capture data. That’s it. Picture taking is the process of capturing a good set of data. This means there aren’t too many blocked up shadows or burned out highlights, the depth of field is appropriate to what you want in focus (and out of focus) and the ISO is not to high creating bad noise. You don’t have to capture the best set of data when you take a picture, all you have to do not capture a bad set of data.

After you have captured your data (taken a picture) now you have to process it. That is where your computer comes in. Just like the old film days, you take a picture and then it is processed. Your camera gives your computer a good set of data. You then process it into the best set of data. You do this in your computer because, as I mentioned in my last post, you computer is much more precise than your camera. You will never be able to get as good a data set in your camera as you can in your computer.

So don’t worry about trying to overly fine tune your picture. Take the picture and make it the best it can be in your computer.

And stop phiddling around!!