Here are my favorite pictures from my last trip to Kenya. They need a bit of explanation. All the pictures I took were to the cause of helping New Course further its mission and to gather images for my new non-profit foundation All About the Light.

The circumstances around these shots are pretty severe. Many were taken at night or at twilight- necessary to show the light of the Luci Light. Most of the rest were taken under the mid-day sun; it happens to be the time we were at the places we needed to be. A few shots were taken inside the Maasai houses. These tiny houses have no windows, no ventilation and are completely dark inside. The only source of light for these interior shots was a single Luci Light.

I used either a 24-120mm lens or a 16-35mm lens. The longer one I used outside to get the entire scene and to zoom in to get some details. The ultra wide angle lens I used for the interior scenes and alway at 16mm. The houses are very small and the rooms cramped. Even though the rooms look spacious that is because of the nature of the ultra wide 16mm lens. I was always either shooting from another room or in the hallway or jammed as far back into a corner as I could in order to get the shot I wanted. And yes I got astonishingly filthy and sweaty taking those pictures. I also was wonderfully thankful and blessed to be allowed in their homes to take intimate pictures that will help people all across the globe. Enjoy!