Well, I’ve done it again! I’ve bought a new camera! This seems to be a growing trend with me- in a fruitless effort to find the perfect compact camera (that is made by Nikon) I have purchased a Coolpix A, a Coolpix 340 and a Coolpix 7800 in the last year and a half. Each one of these is a nice camera and I have kept each one. But each one is a specialty camera- great at a few things but not great at everything. Very few compact cameras are it turns out. Are there any?

So was I looking for a full sized, adult camera, as a second camera. I mean, how many compact cameras does a guy really need? For years I have had a Nikon D4 but no back-up. I haven’t had a back-up full-sized camera in probably 10 years, the D4 is so darn tough and dependable (you can actually crack walnuts!) that I have never needed one. I have done several books, gone on multiple international trips and I have only had one camera body. Apparently, the rule about always carrying a back-up no matter what isn’t much of a rule if you own a Nikon D4.

But sometimes I don’t feel like hauling around the boat anchor that is the D4. It is a huge and heavy camera. But the size and heft is a large part of the reason it is so dependable. But as you all know, size and heft are not always an asset especially when you are traveling.  So I bought the Nikon D750, half the size, half the weight, tilting back screen, extreme high ISO performance, 24 mbs, spectacular video and set up like my D4 so the learning curve is short and flat. All in all a very nice camera that I am just beginning to fall in love with.

My first impression is that it is an extremely durable camera- I believe I could pound nails with this camera- (with another glass or two of wine I may try that!) and it is extremely compact. It is the size of my hand rather than the size of several of my hands. I like that. It feels good in my hand as well- a comfortable fit…feels like an old friend. (you can fill in the next line, my gift to you!)

So this is the first date. I’ve hit a double.  Pictures will follow. Third base looking good. Welcome to my latest love.