It’s been about a week and the fall color has progressed but not by much. I took a trip across the mountains a couple of days ago and while there were pockets of color high in the Green Mts there is still very little every where else.

This part of the season is what I call the ‘telephoto time’ because you need a telephoto lens to reach out and grab the spots of the landscape you want to fill your frame with color. In a week or so (I hope!) it will be ‘wide angle time’  because no matter where you point your camera there will be color every where.

Remember that the New England coast is at least a week later than the most of the rest of New England but the upper elevations are a week earlier. Also far northern Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are two to three weeks ahead of far southern Connecticut and Rhode Island.

So if you happen to be in New England right now head north for the best color. If you come to Vermont or New Hampshire in two weeks and most of the color is gone, head south.

Even if you come in early November there is still color to be found. The latest turning trees, oaks and beeches, hold on to their leaves and color well into November. Beeches are more common in northern New England and oaks are more common in southern New England.

So with a bit of flexibility and a car to dash around you still have a month to photograph New England fall color. Enjoy!