For the last three weeks I have been touring New Zealand on an end of the year holiday. Just the two of us, no rushing around, no big objectives, no projects to work on, just having fun. I didn’t even take a tripod!

What did I take? My old Nikon D300s (because it is the camera Claire uses and taking the same camera made it easier) and one lens- my trusty 28-300. Claire brought her 18-200 so between us we had all lens lengths covered. I actually spent more time bird watching than I did taking pictures but this was due more to the time of day we were traveling around then the lack of things to photograph. And we saw a lot of sheep- sheep, sheep, sheep. A fella only needs so many pictures of sheep. Turns out I need none!

We also had a long spate of sunny skies and we all know what I think of photographing under blue skies. Two wonderful misty mornings in the forest saved me and allowed me to take some nice forest shots.

So here are some of my favorites- some endemic birds including two iconic parrots (the kaka and the kea), and two old-growth forest shots. Hope you enjoy them. I’ll get back to my dull pedantic screeds soon. Take that as a warning!

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