Ever wonder why other people see UFOs and you don’t? I bet even your friends don’t see flying saucers. There are lots of reports of unidentified flying spaceships but no one I know claims to have filed one. Why is it that only a special few see UFOs and the rest of us don’t? At last I have figured it out!


This is a picture I took on Colorado State Highway 17, the Cosmic Highway, in south central Colorado. It is a pretty straight forward invitation to stop in and see some UFOs. Okay, I get it- crackpots. If I stopped at every tempting roadside invitation I wouldn’t make it to where ever I was going with all the magnetic hills, alligator farms, world’s largest…, etc, etc, etc.


But look closely at the picture and the truth will reveal itself in all its glory. I blew up the important section so you wouldn’t think I was completely nuts…see? It is a 15′ high scaffolding surrounding that little dome-shaped building. That is the viewing platform! That is the UFO watch tower!

Now I understand why I (and probably you) never see UFOs. You have to be 15′ off the ground! Who knew? Apparently, that 15′ is a big deal in UFO spotting- it gets you above all the distractions and dust and interference of the ground level viewer. Fifteen feet! Apparently, with a little elevation, a clear night, an open mind (and a lot of alcohol) the skies open up revealing swarms of little spaceships buzzing around the heavens.

This is the insight you gain when you travel. And no, I don’t mind sharing it. My pleasure, actually.

You’re welcome.